McDonald’s is out of the closet. In response to Twitter question by a concerned customer, Canadian marketing director Hope Bagozzi allowed cameras to follow her as she demystified the obvious difference between commercial-shot burgers and the real thing.

Everyone knows there is not much of a difference between the plastic, “chopped and screwed” advertised burger and the real burgers, which never seem to spoil.

Either way, it took a little courage on McDonald’s behalf to pull the veil off and give its patrons a glimpse into its multi-million dollar advertising tricks. Always trying its hardest to lure folks into one of its 33,000 locations, the fast-food leader hires Watt International, a Merchandising firm, which carefully puts together all of McDonald’s ready-for-TV burgers.

From cooking the burger on what looked like a George Foreman grill to the assiduous styling of the burger, the whole process takes a little over an hour, which is a lot longer than the cursory preparation that we associate with the fast-food giant.

Now it’s time for Mickey-D’s to step up its customer service, as its best rating ever is still by far the worst of the leading fast-food chains. But one step at a time, right?

Check out the video below:

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  1. McDonald’s food is weird anyway. Gimmicks are a must when selling crap

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