In my quest for finding the right balance of physical activity, mental stimulation, and spiritual growth I’ve tried a lot of things. I’ve done meditated alone, sweated out my frustrations at the gym, and seeked counsel in Church when times were really tough.

So I admire people’s ability to want to try new things.

That’s the thought I carried with me when I heard about hot naked yoga classes. But where some may find themselves completely comfortable standing next to a man or woman who is disrobing and in the downward facing dog position – I don’t.

Yet upon reading more on the subject, hot nude yoga classes are becoming more popular. Cities such as San Francisco, LA, Boston, and Salt City all offer classes where you can bare all, stressing a deep appreciation and love for our bodies. Many classes are male only and can be found in gay communities, but there also co-ed classes for those who aren’t afraid to put their body on display.

I can only imagine the type of intensity that his workout entails!

Frugivores, would you try Naked Yoga classes?

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  1. Hmm…I love this concept. As matter of fact, we should incorporate this into our regularly yoga exercises. Why not?! ^_^

  2. I took a hot yoga class when I was on vacation in Florida and it was an interesting experience. First, it was 95 degrees outside and once I entered the studio it was even hotter! Everyone had big beach towels, and silly me I just brought a cloth because I did not think I would sweat as much. Wrong, the first 15 minutes I was dripping, I could not stop sweating! It was good because I like to sweat when I work out, it was bad because I felt so digusting. Everyone was sweating and on top of that doing all these difficult positions.

    Personally, I would not take a naked hot yoga class, thats where I draw the line, you sweat like a pig! How could you do that and be naked with other strangers!!!

  3. As naturists, doing yoga nude is the only way to go. We could not imagine doing an exercise that’s meant to liberate the mind and body while constrained by clothing. To us, those who do yoga dressed are the weird ones.

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