If the words “high fructose corn syrup” don’t just roll off your tongue automatically than maybe it’s time for you to get in line with people who want to actually change the name.

The Corn Refiners Association, aka the creators of the sugary sweet goodness that is often found in many of our juices and sodas, wants to shorten the product name to “corn sugar,” since the former name gave a “bad impression” due to “its complicated name.” Odd.

But lo and behold, the name change was ruled out by the FDA for a couple reasons. The obvious notion being that there is already a corn sugar product on the market named dextrose — a sweetener used by people who have trouble eating regular sugar.

Less obvious is that the FDA identifies corn syrup differently, ruling that sugar is “solid, dried, and crystallized,” and syrup is “an aqueous solution or liquid food.”

Uh huh.

Whether you call it high fructose corn syrup, corn sugar, or sugary product of destruction, the fact still remains that it is one of main causes of obesity, diabetes, and a range of other health problems. So the best thing we can do, is watch out for it.


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