Could your weight potentially be affecting whether or not you can raise your kids?

Well for one Canadian father this has become his reality. An obese father is struggling to get his kids back after being accused of being too fat to be able to properly raise his children.

“I’m waiting on a decision to be handed down by family court if I’ll ever see my children again,” he told CTV. “One of the reasons they used is because I was too fat, and couldn’t keep up with my children.”

The man’s children are being held in foster care, after their mother was treated for a mental breakdown as well as a suspected overdose.

A doctor involved in the case suggests that the father is too overweight to raise his kids. Yet, the father claims that since the case has begun he has lost weight, dropping over 150 pounds.

“I am a stress eater,” the father told CTV. “Having them in my life would cause stress, but not having them in my life would cause even more stress. Nothing can be compared to my kids. If I lose my kids for good, it’s over for me.”

What do you think? Should he be able to get his kids back?

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  1. That’s B.S. if I ever could call it. That’s an arbitrary marker made up by health officials who are disregarding that it is possible that stress is just as big a factor in his obese stature than his food consumption, so are governments going to take kids from over-stressed parents? This is government overreach at its finest. So sad SMH

  2. Yeah the government is definitely over-reaching. I clicked the link for the NY Daily News article and the doctor said he reported him because he was short of breath walking around the clinic and he doesn’t have the mobility or stamina to keep up with his kids. Thats complete BS. At least he is not so obese that he can’t walk around at all. The doctor is a nosy idiot and the government should have seen this as a frivolous complaint. So I guess whatever foster family they are with now is fit to raise them just because they are thin? I hope he gets his kids back regardless of whether he loses the weight or not.

  3. So I guess foster care is better than fathers SMH

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