One of the most significant building block on our road to physical and mental health is meditation. Though it’s not a new concept, meditation can improve concentration, increase stability, and help you to maintain focus. Celebrities such as Tina Turner, Orlando Bloom, Giselle Bundchen, and more have endorsed mediation as one of their core structures for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

On an episode of Dr. Oz’s show, Oprah raved about how mediation has helped her thus far in her career,

“That way [through meditation] of being still within ourselves, finding a center and recognizing that something is more important than you, that is more important than the work you are doing, brings a kind of energy and intensity of energy — an intention that we’ve never had before, and you cannot imagine what’s happened in my company. People who used to have migraines — don’t. People are sleeping better. People have better relationships. The one thing I want to continue to do is to center myself every day and make that a practice for myself because I am 1000% better when I do that — when I take myself back to something bigger than myself.”

Do you find time in your day to meditate?

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