Even though I’m young enough to be her son, Chaka Khan still exudes natural sex appeal and class. And since she started popping up all over the nation looking like she was ready to hit the stage with Rufus at Soul Train circa 1974, everyone has had their ear to the streets in order to find out what the Diva did to drop the pounds.

Earlier in the week, she stopped by former shock-jock Wendy Willliams’ self-titled daytime talk-show The Wendy Williams Show and confirmed some of the numerous rumors surrounding her over 60-pound weight-loss.

Surprising to most, the multiple Grammy Award winning R&B legend claimed that her lips didn’t touch a piece of food for the first two months of her weight-loss journey, opting to only consume juices and smoothies loaded with fruits and vegetables.

Additionally, she officially announced that she is now a vegan, citing her distrust for the United States Department of Agriculture as her tipping point.

“I’m vegan … I just don’t trust USDA and stuff.”

And whose to blame her, especially after the government watchdogs have dropped the ball while swearing to protect Americans from a host of shady business practices, none of which is more infamous than the Pink Slime scandal.

Check out the rest of the highlights of Ms. Kahn’s interview over at Necole Bitchie

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! Wow – she looks fabulous! Vegan is obviously the way to go. I need some MEAT, though. 😉

  2. Actually, I could do it. It’s a challenge to let the seafood go. 🙂

  3. I’m with you I don’t care if she my moms age. she could get it j/k but she looks damn good

  4. She looks like Chaka from the Rufus days! Get it woman!

  5. Wow Chaka Kahn looks gr8!!! She is an inspiration;-)

  6. Gurl, Haven’t seen you in a long Time, Hope as I see, You are Still Fine and Your Music Still is In my House, I am One of the YoungHearts, from Back in the Days…Amen…
    Love Always…Later….

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