Next to diversity, weight is one of fashion’s most serious issues. There is always talk of models being too thin or the most recent embrace of curvy models, but celebrity stylist Kithe Brewster is bringing awareness of obesity and overall health.

Kithe has been responsible for making some of our favorite celebrities look fabulous including Tyra Banks, Halle Berry, Eve and many more and he felt it was time for him to look just as amazing. Last week, he had a huge reveal party in New York City showing his phenomenal 82 lb. weight loss.

He was able to achieve this feat with the help of the Duke Diet and Fitness Center in Durham, NC where he was given intense training mixed with education on nutrition as well as a complete evaluation of his health. Kithe has been documenting his weight loss journey from the beginning with his web series for Everyday Health named “60 Pounds in 6 Months”, giving viewers an inside look at his process.

Kithe realized that weight loss was an absolute necessity for his well being after he suddenly fainted without reason:

“My hectic lifestyle has made me sacrifice a lot, both emotionally and physically. I’ve fallen into some horrible vices over the past few years … I need to find a healthier way to live and I never want to feel out of control of my life again.”

His story is like so many of ours, craving the finer things in life, but not taking the time to take care of ourselves at the most fundamental level.

All the glitz, glamour and beauty of fashion and a fabulous lifestyle only go so far if we are not healthy. With a busy schedule, healthy food, exercise, sleep and overall maintenance often go ignored. If we do not pay attention, things can get out of hand and spiral out of control to a point that is very dangerous. It is also not only about ourselves personally, but also about spreading the message of health to our loved ones.

Obesity is a very serious epidemic and it takes a great support system for anyone to overcome it. Kithe is a great testament to the mountains that people can move with determination and loads of support and he is a great model to use for getting healthy this year and staying that way forever.

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What do you think of Kithe Brewster’s transformation? What is he teaching us about health? How do you plan on maintaining a healthy lifestyle this year?

-Faith Cummings

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