Congratulations to the Miami Heat!

They just won the national championship over the Oklahoma City Thunder yesterday at 121 to 106.

Here are three reasons we are happy for LeBron James, MVP of the Miami Heat.

  1. He’s Young – This is LeBron’s first championship after being in the league and playing hard for nine years. He has progressed as an OK player over the years to a phenomenal player. After losing two finals in the past, James has worked hard to win this one. He finally takes home a ring!
  2. He Took Control of his Destiny – LeBron made the decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2010 even after facing much discrimination and opposition. By doing this he took his career into his own hands.
  3. He’s Great AND a winner – Many basketball greats have come and gone through the NBA over the years. But not many can be added into the conversation of having been great and won a championship. LeBron can now be included a list that includes, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Magic Johnson.

* Plus he’s friends and teammates with this guy:


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  1. HaHA..that’s too funny!

  2. Chris Bosh = Hilarious *snickering* 🙂

  3. MIAMI!!!!!!

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