We all work out for different reasons. Some of us for health, some of us for beauty and some of us for the wrong reasons. There’s no doubt that we are a media influenced society. Everything from where we live, the words we speak, what we buy and the way we dress comes from some form of media. One aspect of our lives that media heavily influences is beauty, and in a big way.

The “standard” of beauty we are to live by shows up in our television shows, music videos, and movies, and judging by what’s shown on all these mediums, men — more specifically black men — have a very specific standard. They like ’em with a tiny waist, thick thighs, and huge … assets, among other things.

It’s these images and qualifications have many women flocking to the gym in hopes of creating the Nicki Minaj’s surgically-enhanced shape, a figure that many black men are currently drooling over. They spend hours working out their legs, butts, and abs in an effort to meet what they think will make them desirable to this certain segment of men. Some of these women forgo their chest, back, shoulders, and arms in the gym, overtraining their hind parts in an effort to make themselves appealing to men who clearly see them as objects first, humans second.

We all want to look attractive to our potential mates, so, yes, we do make adjustments to our style of dress, habits, etc., but when it comes to our health, it is wrong to workout with the sole purpose of reaching some limiting, misogynistic male ideal of beauty.

Not only are you not working out your entire body, which can cause issues, but you’re harming your mind and spirit as well. You shouldn’t have to make yourself look like someone else, someone you don’t even know, in order to feel beautiful or loved by yourself or anyone else. If the body you have isn’t appealing to someone, guess what? Their loss! One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and they will see your beauty and love it as is. Work out for you, for what you think is healthy or beautiful, not so you can measure up and be someone’s dream carbon copy.

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  1. I can see how these pictures are just eye candy. They are huge. I’m working out for my health and a nice toned body. I feel better internally and externally. Right now, I actually love my body. I do it for me, but my mate has been an incentive as well (a new relationship). I already know he will enjoy me, but I want him to like what he sees as well.

  2. I cannot lie because I’m single I workout to attract men I’m attracted to whether those men are black, white, Hispanic or whatever. I’m glad the healthy benefits accompany my decision but I always have an incentive in mind whenever I do most things


  4. People should work out to be in good health and to be confident in their appearance. If a woman is working out for a man who merely sees her as a body (as a certain demographic of men do), then they should not be surprised if he leaves her for another woman with “better proportions” than hers.

  5. i find this article extremely problematic. it pathologizes the black man and portrays them as a monolithic entity that only like one type of woman. white men, asian men, latino men, all kinds of men, women and other also like women with small waists and larger breasts and asses.

    i would have preferred that this article discuss the importance of a healthy body image, rather than attack black men. the sentiment is lost on me once the body shaming police arrive and say that one body type, or wanting one body type is a negative thought. how can you say, in the same breath, work out for the body you want…but don’t want “this” type of body? sounds like bollocks to me

    i know women who look like this naturally. is it fair to over sexualize their bodies due to other’s insecurities? how can you say all bodies are beautiful…but that these are too much, too big, too distorted? smh disappointed

  6. First, you must be white to have written this crap. Black women are born this way naturally; we don’t “distort” our bodies for black men. We have always been critisized for how we are naturally and then Kin Kardashian come on the scene and now having a fat ass is the thing to do? Do we critisize our white sisters for being bony and frail looking? Di we say this a distorted image that they have smaller buns? To you that’s how God intended right? WRONG!!! We are how we ae naturaly and black men love it for the same reasons white men loves small or flat asses and big ass boobs! t’s what they are naturally drawn to. So next time to chooose to write on such a topic, do your homework. Kim and Coco and enhanced, but they do not represent black women nor are they black.

  7. senorita bonita

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  9. Orange Julius simpson

    So we’re really gonna take advice from a woman who seems to have issues with black men? I don’t think you’ve hit the gym since highschool PE class. Women need advice from you like they need tax advice from wesley snipes.

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  16. …..and women are supposed to listen to this shit right here? She ain’t even halfway decent looking in the face let alone anything else.

    She really set herself up by writing that bullshit article trying to shyt on black men who obviously rejected her for what she is on the outside as well as within. Bad enough she’s already fat and ugly but to be fat and ugly with an ugly personality too….just fucking stay at home. Only a chick like this would write some bullshit like that.

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  18. at least they are doing something to make themselves presentable! but lets talk about your faux-progressive article further dehumanizing the black man by grouping us all into one consciousness. make an article dissing one thing and offer no alternative smh. i will mail you some planet fitness coupons.

  19. So you just gonna tell women to stop working out because the nigga you were digging was trying to fuck with your fit friend? Be jealous and insecure, and publish articles embarassing yourself, brehs.

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  28. Black Men's Ideals

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