Eat An Apple
It’s tempting to turn to sugar when your energy dips, but eating high-sugar foods will make your fatigue worse in the long run, so swap out the bad sugar for something a little more energy friendly. A simple apple is a great energy-boosting, mid-afternoon snack. Full of vitamin C, fiber, and complex carbohydrates, an apple can deliver a boost of energy and stabilize blood sugar.

Socialize With High-Energy Friends
There is no better way to increase your energy than to surround yourself with people who help motivate and uplift you to revitalize your body and mind. When you’re feeling down, give your high energy buddies a call and before you know it their energy and enthusiasm will rub off on you!


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  1. Yes. I enjoy green tea as well. Sometimes it sedates me. is really fascinating you mention the thymus. I’ve noticed when my SBM (significant other) says something really sweet to me; my hands will automatically cover that area. I just considered it as an area of my heart. 

  2. P.S. I must share this with my mate. He makes me that weak that I instinctively try to recover some strength. . lol. Oh my!

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