We’ve all been there. The day has barely started when already we feel drained and ready for a pre mid-day nap. Often the simplest tasks in our daily routine can leave us feeling flat, but before you reach for that fifth cup of coffee or bag of candy, try the natural energy boosters and put a little spring back in your step.

Tap Your Thymus
No idea where your thymus is? No worries, most of us don’t know, but this small area within our bodies, located at center top of your chest, below the collar bone, between your breasts, triggers the production of T-cells, boosts energy, relieves stress, and increases strength and vitality when tapped. Cool huh?! For an instant boost of energy doctors suggest tapping your thymus with your fingertips for 20 seconds, while slowly and deeply breathing in and out.

Go Green
Instead of reaching for that pricey cup of Starbucks when you’re feeling drained, try drinking green tea. Green tea has small amounts of caffeine, and there are many noted studies that demonstrate that EGCG, the active compound in green tea, may also facilitates weight loss. Definitely a win-win!


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  1. Yes. I enjoy green tea as well. Sometimes it sedates me. Hmm..it is really fascinating you mention the thymus. I’ve noticed when my SBM (significant other) says something really sweet to me; my hands will automatically cover that area. I just considered it as an area of my heart. 

  2. P.S. I must share this with my mate. He makes me that weak that I instinctively try to recover some strength. . lol. Oh my!

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