I’m a stalker. No not the crazy, deranged, show up to the club in footie pajamas type stalker, I’m a hottie with a body at the gym type of stalker. There’s always one, that one guy at the gym that no matter how hard you try to ignore them something keeps drawing you in and before you know it, you’re on the other side of the gym lifting weights that are too heavy for you in hopes that they’ll come over and offer some…assistance.
Don’t act like you’ve never done it.

For me, there are four types of guys I can’t seem to keep from stalking at the gym:

The Cute Trainer Guy

This guy has the body of an Adonis! And even though you’re supposed to be working out and you know damn well you can’t afford his personal training services, you flirt and do everything you can to get his attention and spend your time on the treadmill pretending to run while daydreaming about his….pushups.

The Overweight But Potentially Cute Guy

This guy is big, not football player big or in need of a crane to lift him out of the house big, but you can tell he’s had more than a few cases of beer and wings in his diet. But something about this guy is still cute! You follow him around and try to get a glimpse into what he’ll hopefully look like in a few months without the beer belly and double chin. You see the hottie that he can be and you just have to know more, possibly over a burger and fries.

The Creepy Overly Muscular Bodybuilder Guy

You know this guy, he’s an exact replica of the men in those Planet Fitness commercials that “pick things up and put them down.” He’s big, too big and the veins popping out of his neck give you horrific nightmares. You like your men fit, but not potential X-Men mutant gone wrong fit, yet you can’t help but staring at him. As you work out your eyes follow him around the gym as he picks up heavy things and puts them down, as he walks sideways through doors and just in case that pesky vein pops, you make sure you know where he is at all times so you can be the first one to call 911 and be his guardian angel. Twisted I know.

The “I Think The Gym Is The Club” Guy

This guy annoys the hell out of you! He does nothing but walk around flirting with all the women and taking up valuable time on machines that you could be using to lose those last few pounds before that beach party this weekend. You wish his membership would get revoked so he could stop taking up space. You roll your eyes every time he passes and warn the ladies working out near you to stay away from him, but you secretly think he’s cute and wonder why you seem to be the only woman in the gym he hasn’t flirted with yet? How dare he not notice that sexy you’ve been working on?!

What guys can’t you keep your eyes off of at the gym?

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  1. I guess I’m that fourth guy. I find myself talking to others more than working out whenever I go to the gym during peak hours. If I get my a$$ up early, I usually am about all business

  2. I’m sorry, I just can’t relate to any of this. I go to the gym to get my workout in. I am extremely focused, and sometimes end up getting stalked, but the only one of these guys I know I’ve seen at the gym is #4, and I just find him annoying, period. I haven’t seen very many cute trainers. Nice bods, but they always look a little weird on like they play for the other team. Cute chunky guy usually = married or soon to fall off and not actually lose weight, and Mr. Super Fitness guy is “ewwwww!” LOL FYI, my husband has never seen the inside of a gym (makes me sick, he still looks great). Go in, get your workout on, and go find a man that is not one of these four guys!

  3. The guy who is with the overweight picture is NOT OVERWEIGHT.At least have a picture of someone who is actually overweight!

  4. I agree with what you say. There’s a muscular guy at my gym I just can’t keep my eye
    s off. His body is beautiful, he doesn’t appear to have any hair on his arms hes tan and he seems really sweet. I don’t feel lustful, I just like looking at him.

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