If you thought you’ve heard it all, think again.

Youth basketball coach Lorenzo Green, was arrested on Thursday by the Miami Police Department after allegedly luring kids back to his home for “masturbation contests.” After basketball tournaments, Green invited six or seven boys back to house and allegedly made them watch pornographic videos.

Two boys, 13 and 15, who remained nameless, spoke up to their parents after one such occasion. Green is now being held on a 90,000 jail bond.

The 50-year-old coach first denied letting the boys watch any porn, but he later recanted his story and admitted to letting them not only watch porn, but encouraging them to have certain sex acts. Yet, he denies that he made a “contest” out of it. He told police,

“If they do not do it at his house, they will do it somewhere else.”

How disturbing.

But members close to Green believe the allegations are false. Both his brother, Billie Atwell, and fellow basketball coach Terman Terry, don’t believe it. In fact, Terry believes the boys are lying,

“Touching little boys isn’t in Coach Green’s character,” he says. “The kid who claims this happened was just kicked off the team because he was caught stealing money and cigarettes from the coaches. Of course he’d be the one to spark this.”

Similarly, his brother Atwell says that he lived with Green and would be there every time the boys were over, citing that “there has never been a problem.”

SMH. Stories like these are always so devastating. If the story is true, those boys are going to be tramautized for life. But if the story is false, this man’s career has been jeopardized.

The police are now looking for other victims.


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