We love to see people losing weight and doing it in a healthy way. Here are there slimdowns that we absolutely love:

Somaya Reece

This Love & Hip-Hop reality siren looks amazing! Somaya recently underwent a breast reduction, and has been in the gym shedding those pounds! The upcoming singer shared with NecoleBitchie her secret to weightloss,

“I started setting a schedule, making sure I ate every three hours, which is harder than you might think. I started eating clean. No fried foods, no junk food. Lots of vegetables, fruit, lean proteins. And I had to get a hold of portion sizes.”

The reality star goes on to talk about her exercise, “I started working out 3-5 times a week. I was walking, climbing stairs, taking classes in the gym, when I’m in LA I hike, that’s like my thing. I do a lot of weight training, multiple reps with low weights. I’ll do two to three sets of an exercise using no more than 3-5 lbs weights. It helps build lean muscle. And that burns fat.”

We love it!


The childhood star that we’ve known since The Cosby Show has struggled with her weight ever since she’s been in front of a camera. Blaming stress for most of her ongoing weight, the singer says she simply stopped stressing and took some time off. Now she looks and feels better than ever, having dropped 70lbs!


The comedian turned TV host is one of my favorite slimdowns. Mo’Nique has been known for being “Phat-tabulous,” for years. At the height of her weight, 262 lbs, she embraced her large figure. But recently after realizing how important her health is to her, she decided to drop an immense amount of weight, embracing her healthier lifestyle.

Who are some weightloss slimdowns that you love?

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  1. So glad to hear Mo’ is taking care of her health. I adore her and I’m looking forward to seeing her have a loooong and fabulous career. She has inspired me!

  2. Fit and Trim

    Raven looks good but I’m scared. Mo is getting it but it seems weird since she advocated fatness for so long and I don’t know who the first woman is but thats good she got a breast reduction

  3. Kudos for all of the ladies mentioned but that photo of Raven looks like something the Fashion Police would use in their starlet or streetwalker edition. Not a good look:(

  4. Congrats to the ladies! I am glad to see that everyone is taking an active role in their health. You only get one chance at life so do what you can while you are here. God Bless

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