Men, ever happen to see find yourself completely unfocused on the repetitions set before you because you were mesmerized by a woman who is walking around in the smallest, most form-fitting shorts ever?

Well if you have, you may have your own predilection towards it. However, booty shorts at the gym suck. Yes, they suck.

Here’s why:

Speaking as someone who has taken part in many pole-dancing classes where you are required to where these itty bitty shorts, those things are just not as comfortable as they may appear. I mean, you’re doing repetitions, running up and down, climbing poles –- booty shorts ride up into the most uncomfortable places in the most uncomfortable positions that are just, well, not fun. Not to mention, they compress your thighs at the most God awful times. Let’s let those thighs breathe!

Another reason: If you’re working hard at the gym, as you should be, you’re going to sweat. No one, and I do mean no one, wants to see you sweat down under. It’s just not attractive. Nothing more need be said about that.

I love booty shorts just as much as the next female, but they should be used for prancing around the house, rather than prancing around the gym.

What do you think? Booty Shorts at the gym: Yay or Nay?

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  1. Nay. Those are toooooo short in the picture. The hounds at my gym wouldn’t stop harassing me if I wore those.

    • @Erica: Uh are you saying that you’d wear them if dudes didn’t stare and harass. I’m not wearing booty shorts to workout period. I might as well go naked.

  2. Yuck! Triple nay! I’m in shape and I’d never exercise with any booty shorts on.

  3. Most ladies would if they were in shape. Women love attention from men in controlled environments.

  4. LA Fitness on Camp Creek in Atlanta is littered with this type of madness. Way worse than than that pic

  5. It’s just thirsty in my opinion.

  6. Nah… It’s definitely a thirst move and totally unnecessary.
    Leggings and a T-shirt over a sports bra work just fine.
    No need to put on a show.
    Why do you want dude who CLEARLY only wants your ass??

  7. Nay Nay Nay. For Real, Are we working out are trying to get attention. Come Now.

  8. From my personal experience I’d rather work out at home. When I went to the gym I got harassed ALL. THE. DAMN. TIME. and didn’t wear revealing outfits either. Tank top and pants or sweatpants and a ponytail.

  9. Douglas Savoca

    As a male i wear booty shorts. Nothing wrong with if u have it flaunt it!!!! Im not waiting til my golden years to show off my depends. Enjoy it when u have it. Cause when its gone its gone!!!

  10. YAY!! Its total motivation to get in peak condition. Just to be worthy enough to be with a girl like that.

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