Nic Fitness Tip #4

Exercise to strengthen the heart. Improve contractile function of the heart and increase cardiac output.

What fitness tips do you follow?

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  1. You can do fitness motivation without the porn esq looking photos. Seriously I am totally into fitness and can’t help but notice this basic knowledge is served up with almost indecent photos. Almost like the tips are an after thought

    How bout we even it out though and ya’ll find a fitness dude that is practically naked in his pics, oiled up and serving seduction faces/poses while giving some common knowledge fitness tips and ya’ll feature him too.

    • What is the problem? If you picked up a fitness magaizne they are not wearing a habit and burqua. Only thing she needs is a sports bra or a boob job.

  2. I will never in my life look like her..but I can try to get fit and I’m sure she’s got some good tips. Thanks for the tumblr

  3. That’s the point here – stop worrying about what a person is wearing and look beyond to understand the content. If this were about seduction why should she wear any athletic gear. And what really is wrong showing off your awesome body. There nothing profane about physical beauty.

  4. This bish is bad. that is all

  5. I am now following. Thanks for the share. Great inspiration and tips on the Tumblr.

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