Weighing in at 350 pounds and standing six-feet-six-inches tall, Bill Wisth knows he has a large appetite.  He took it to a Wisconsin restaurant for an advertised all-you-can-eat dinner.

After eating a dozen pieces of fried fish, Wisth wanted more, but the restaurant said it was running out of fish and patience.

It sent him home with eight more pieces.  But that wasn’t enough for Wisth, who is claiming false advertising.

He even called the police and came back with a picket sign two days later.

A waitress says Wisth, who has a tab at the restaurant, has been a problem customer before.

Wisth plans to picket the restaurant every Sunday until something changes.

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  1. Wow. I want to throw shade, but I can’t because I can only imagine what his arteries are going through right now.

  2. Wow America is so stupid! Lol really? You’re getting mad because they ran out of fish??! You basically ate the restaurant out of food with your greedy, gluttonous self! If you want more food, fill up on salad! I’m pretty sure there’s other food at the all you can eat besides fried fish. Man, I can only imagine all the gunk his body has to filter through just so he can keep alive. He should be grateful he didn’t suffer a stroke or heart attack from eating all those 12 pieces of fried fish! Come on man, save some for the rest!

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