Think that you’re eating and drinking the right things for your workout? Think again. Here is a list of three fitness foods that may be keeping you from your weight loss.

Energy Bars

If you have ever needed a quick shot of energy before a workout and thought to grab an energy bar, you may be doing more harm to your workout than good. Energy bars can hold up to 300 calories or more, and can quickly negate any calories that you were about to burn from your workout. Before you pick up that energy bar make sure to read the nutrition label at the back. Here’s an idea for a healthy snack bar.

Energy Drinks

We all like to pump up with a little gatorade before our workout, but some energy drinks aren’t as “energizing” as we would like to think. Many drinks, like Red Bull or Monster, contain an insane amount of sugar mixed with caffeine – both damaging your body and your workout.

Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are still a good snack in between workouts, but make sure that your caloric intake is less than what you are working off. If you find your drinking too many protein shakes in place of real food, your body will not be able to shed any calories, and you’ll remain in weightloss limbo for longer than you would like.

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  1. Short and sweet list of foods that might not be helping you like you thought they were.

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