Ladies, with all the attractive actors out there, it’s only fitting that one or two of them would make it onto your personal roster of hotties. Personally I have a thing for Idris Elba (who doesn’t?) and Michael Ealy. Both satisfying my personal hot-omometer.

Both boys have a face cut out of the gods, with sculpted bodies to boot. Have you seen Idris Elba with his shirt off? *Two Snaps!*

Lenny Kravitz


Michael Ealy

Chris Brown

David Beckham

Jason Momoa

Trey Songz


Tyson Beckford

David Oliver

Reggie Bush

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Now tell me, which guys are on the top of your list of hot men who you love seeing shirtless?

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  1. What?! How dare you leave out my favorites VIN DIESEL! and THE ROCK!

  2. Ummmm…yes! I agree with @Aunti! Where is The Rock????

  3. Shit I’d choose all these men but that guy David oliver looks good who is he? where can i find him?

  4. I partial to Morris Chesnut and Taye Diggs

  5. Mrs. Tremaine Aldon Neverson

    Trey Songz!!!

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