It’s a necessary evil … exercise. No matter how much we hate it, if we want to feel good, live long and look great in that new outfit we just bought, we’ve got to get our workout on. Now while some exercises are fun and easy to do, for many of us there are a few that we simply love to hate and hate to love. These moves tone and strengthen, but damn near kill us in the process. Here are three exercises we have a love hate relationship with.


At first glance this workout seems like nothing more than some jumping around. But ask anyone who has done their fair share of these and they will tell you it’s no cake walk. A plyometric exercise often used by athletes, especially basketball players, to increase their lower body strength, hops work a number of muscles in the lower body that are required for jumping, such as the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. After doing a set or two of these your legs will hate you….but you’ll love your legs!


This exercise is not for the faint of heart. Suicide drills are a terrific exercise for building cardiovascular strength, speed and agility. They can be run on grass, sand or pavement and are a great way to get in a diverse workout in under 15 minutes. Sounds good right? Until you actually do them. Suicides have left even the most fit person laid out on the floor gripping a bottle of water. If you’re new to suicide drills be sure to take it easy in the beginning and work your way up in intensity and whenever you’re about to drop, just think of how great you’ll feel in the end.


Aww squats, a woman’s best friend. Sure men can benefit from a good round of squats, but it’s the ladies that benefit the most with shapely legs and firm behinds that look oh so sexy in our dresses and jeans. The problem is doing them burns your legs like hell! The first rep always feels like a breeze – the second, third and fourth feel like the flames of hell running through your veins…..but the results are worth it!

What exercises do you have a love/hate relationship with?

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  1. Burpees.. I Hate burpees with a passion!! I get upset whenever the instructor says we’re gonna do them.. I am mad for the duration of the exercise.. Then I’m happy when I’m done.. Then I go back to being a pleasant person,.. Until the next time we do burpees..

  2. Lunges. Anytime I’m in a bootcamp class and I hear that “L” word, my soul dies a little. I know they’re good for me…however, after the second set I question my sanity and my class instructor’s counting skills.

  3. Nothing is worse than burpees. Period!

  4. Planks and Push ups, men style joints

  5. I hate calf raises but I love what they do for them in my heels

  6. Burpees get pure love even though i hate them! They hit every body part and enhance every component of fitness!!! I lHoAvTeE them!

  7. Planks and Turkish Get ups…Jesus be a fence!

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