Somebody over at Burger King must be orchestrating the fast food chain’s recent wave of changes just to troll the American public with kind of gross and ridiculous nonsense. As if Mary J’s chicken wrap commercial, and above all else the chicken wraps it tried to advertise, weren’t questionable enough, Burger King has joined a handful of other smaller chains in offering a bacon dessert.

It’s a bacon sundae, to be exact: ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and bacon. Denny’s and Jack n’ The Box, for example, offer bacon milkshakes that the public has declared disgusting, mostly because they have no actual bacon in them. But Burger King promises to deliver real bacon and real ice cream for real artery-clogging fun.

There are the “the lips that touch swine will never touch mine,” folks among us. Then there are those of us who’d rather starve than eat fast food, or who can get down with a fry or two from McDonald’s but not much farther.

But I’d love to hear from someone who regularly eats both pork and fast food and will admit that this concoction sounds appealing to them. The way I figure it, we shouldn’t have been trusting Burger King to properly cook pork OR handle dairy anyway, and combining the two can only lead to disaster.

What do you think? Would you try it?

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  1. I have heard of chocolate and bacon together. I would try that.

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