They are everywhere! Site after site about weight loss and how to drop the pounds. But let’s face it, not everyone is built the same, so not everyone is going to lose weight the same way. There’s no doubt that black women are built differently and our curves demand special attention, especially when it comes to weight loss.

Enter Erika Nicole Kendall and her site A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss. After picking up weight at a rate of 20 lbs a year, Erika got serious about getting healthy and embarked on a weight loss journey that has not only transformed her body, but her mind and spirit as well.

Erika decided that while she didn’t have all the answers, her weight loss success was too amazing to keep to herself, so she decided to share her journey with her sistas … and her sisters … so that we too can get healthy and change the way we view food and our bodies.

With workout tips, recipes and more, Erika is helping thousands of women get their sexy back and that’s why her site A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss is a site that we absolutely LOVE!

What weight loss sites do you love?

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  1. Love Erika Nicole Kendall… and surprisingly she has done the research and does have some of the answers!!!!!

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