With the ongoing slaughter of women being overweight all over the media, there’s no doubt that sometimes women need a break.

It takes monumental strength for a woman to go through the ups and downs of pregnancy, the birth process, and the pressures of losing the baby weight post pregnancy.

Which brings me to the phenomenal support that Beyoncè receives from her husband Jay-Z. We get that Jay doesn’t workout out as rigorously as Bey, but his financial support goes a long way towards helping “the hottest b*tch in the game” (his words, not mine) keep up that status.

Conversely, even though Jennifer Hudson has plenty of money, her husband David “Punk” Ortega was reportedly active in her weight loss journey — although, now, he says she has lost too much weight.

There are countless amounts of women who claim that their men give them no support –shaming them worse than the evil character in Tyler Perry’s melodrama Why Did I Get Married Mike, played by Richard T. Jones.

Either way, it something to be said for support in any form or fashion, so the question is, should men be encouraged to assist women in losing weight?

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  1. It’s a woman responsibility to stay in shape for her man. Men are visual creatures and if a woman wants to keep her man interested, it would be in her best interest to should show some effort in working out. If a man is handling his business outside the home, he’ll be too tired to put in any real effort to help her workout since his workout is bringing home the turkey bacon. That’s help enough.

    • @Realist:

      How absurd are you? Men are not creatures–they’re human beings, just like women. That means they’re capable of empathizing with the person they supposedly care for when that person faces a challenge. On top of that, it means they’re capable of supporting, encouraging, and even helping their significant others to achieve their goals–in much the same way that women are capable of doing the same for their significant others. Being a visual creature has nothing to do with being an asshole about your lady’s health goals.

      P.S. If “handling business outside of the home” is standing in the way of taking care OF home, that man may want to rethink his priorities–or find a new low-maintenance home.

    • @Realist: I agree with sentiment but you are all off in your execution. First of all, men and women both have eyes so that “men are visual” crap is second grade logic. I know attraction is important but there is a lot more that a fit body that attracts humans to one another. Secondly, even if I subscribe to your “man is breadwinner” philosophy, a household consist of love and affection from two equals not a king and his subordinates. You have to love yourself get love back and of your job and its material rewards is the only way you show love then you don’t have a supportive, functional household buddy.

      I’d love for my man to hold me down in all aspects of the house just like I do him. When he’s in a downward trend, I surely do say, “here’s some money baby, figure it out.” IJS

  2. My son is off to daycare and I am in no hurry to go back to work. Told my man that if he wanted his hott foxx back, I need 2 moths to work off the fat. That is all the help I need.

  3. I think people who have sense, lovingly encourage and assist one another in most areas.
    fitness is not an exception. If I ever become pregnant, I would continue my workouts throughout the pregnancy and rev it up afterward.

  4. Help is nice….y not help EACH OTHER….I agree with Realist…but then agian…even if he works outside the home assisting his lady in working out is something he can handle on his plate

  5. its not 100% of his responsibility

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