In the United Kingdom, a study was done with 400 pregnant women identified as being obese and as having gestational diabetes. They were treated with a drug called metformin, which may help reduce excess weight for their unborn child and limit associated risks, according to

According to the U.K.’s Obstetric Anaesthetists’ Association, obesity is the most common risk factor in women who die during pregnancy and the babies of obese mothers are more than three times as likely to need intensive neonatal care. Other complications for the baby include respiratory distress, blood sugar imbalance, jaundice, excessive birth weight, and increased risk for type-2 diabetes later in life.

Supporters of the pill say it is revolutionary and extremely beneficial for pregnant women with gestational diabetes. Critics of the pill believe that it is a waste of time and just gives obese mothers a reason not to exercise and eat right. They are also worried about the child entering the world overweight and on drugs. When a pregnant woman does have diabetes the usual remedy is the doctor putting them on a strict diet and exercise regime.

Just to be clear, a woman can be completely healthy and still develop gestational diabetes due to the excess weight and change in eating habits during pregnancy. This pill is meant for pregnant women who have a history of diabetes and those who only developed it due to pregnancy.

Work is currently underway to explore the drug’s potential for obese women who do not have diabetes.


Is this pill a good idea or just a cop-out for those who lead unhealthy lifestyles while pregnant?


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  1. I would never take such a pill

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