Well ladies and gents money grubbing tactics have officially hit a new low. How is that possible with shows like Basketball Wives on the air you ask? Simple, the new craze in the online streets these days is anonymous stripping using a Bitcoin account.

Bitcoin is an online currency system that functions similar to the way silver or gold would, fluctuating in market priced based on demand, so there’s no one exact exchange rate for how much a Bitcoin is worth (currently, it’s around $5.12 US). Bitcoin is exchanged more anonymously than PayPal or credit cards so users don’t have to worry about seeing their dirty little secret on a statement at the end of the month.

So how does the foolishness work?

Basically, instead of paying for overpriced drinks and lap dances at a normal strip club, you can sit at home and log on to various sites like “Girls Gone Bitcoin,” where women post photos in various states of undress with their faces completely hidden and their Bitcoin account address in the photo, and men can “tip” them to encourage more photos. Women aren’t alone in the craze, men too are showing their man bits and other goodies on these sites hoping that some lucky lady will “tip” them.

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand times are hard out there, but anonymous or not is stripping online really the answer to someone’s problems? Personally I could never see myself utilizing a service like this and would be too terrified of getting “tipped” by my uncle or a close male friend, but there are thousands of people signed on to do it everyday so maybe they’re on to something.

Would you strip online if you could do it anonymously?

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  1. Wow!!!!! Yes I would. There is no harm in marketing your sexual parts for coins. Why not? I want to know what they do with ip addresses

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