Style, everybody’s got one. Whether you’re in style or out of it, everyone has a style that’s comfortable for them. Back in the 90s it was all about oversized clothes, from baggy jeans and overalls to tees 10 sizes too big — if it was loose it was cool. These days more fitted and body conscious clothing seems to be in style, and while not a bad thing, I can’t help but wonder why anyone would want to wear clothes that are so tight to the body.

Now don’t get me wrong, I never, ever, want to go back to the “Oooh on the TLC” tip look I was sporting back in high school (the horror!), but when it comes to my daily wardrobe, I’m all about being comfortable. I need clothes that are stylish, but allow me do what I need to do with little fuss involved.

I hate to feel like I’m wearing a boa constrictor on my back that I constantly have to fight to I make sure it either keeps me covered or lets me breathe.

However, I know some people who say the tighter the better! They love wearing tight clothing because they think it makes them look smaller and accentuates what their mommas gave them.

These tight lovers think anything loose looks sloppy and they would rather be tight and slightly uncomfortable, than loose and a fashion oh hell no.

Of course there are things like dresses that are better worn on the snug side, but personally I think there needs to be a happy medium.

Everyone should wear clothes that flatter without being too big or too tight, fashion doesn’t always have to be about extremes and it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable either. What do you all think?

What’s better … loose or tight fitting clothes?

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  1. Clothes that flatter my body type are better. Those tend to be fitted, not tight. I live in a four season region, so I like my clothing fitted three out of four seasons. In the dog days of summer, I will rock clothing that’s a little more flowy for practical reasons.

  2. It depends on what I am doing. For working out I prefer more fitted clothing but for general busieness wear and relaxing, I prefer a more loose fit.

  3. I really don’t feel comfortable in tight clothing coming from a middle schooler. I really do envy all those other girls who eat like pigs but never seem to gain a single pound. I honestly would say I eat like a pig since my diet is totally off balance because I almost never eat breakfast but when I do its usually something really unhealthy like a donut. And school lunch is usually the most nasty thing ever ssince it’s so cheap everything tastes so bland and texturey that makes you want to vomit just looking at it. And then every night for dinner that ends up not working out very well because its usually something that has thousands of calories loaded into it because there aren’t a lot of fruits and vegetables I eat or that we can actually afford. So I really would have either loved being a 90’s kid where loose everything is amazing because really, loose ANYTHING is the only thing I feel comfortable in. I feel so…fat in tight clothing.

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