If you’ve ever sat across the table with a group of male friends, then you know the conversation has inevitably veered into one about women.

As some of my friends have shared with me, their preference in women tends to vary.

Some prefer the Buffie the Body’s, — curvacious, thick — where as some prefer the Joy Bryant’s — tall, slender, and seemingly fit.

But men (and women), if you were to choose a women based on her shape, what would you choose?

Women, which body would you be comfortable in your skin with?

A thick girl or a fit girl?

Which Body Type Do You Prefer?

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  1. I’ma go with fit. Thick doesn’t sound like it will keep you from having high blood pressure or cholesterol problems in your later years.

  2. Those photos are horrible extreme examples of the two; however I’d go with fit (mostly because that’s how I’m built, so very bias).

    • @Pseudonym:
      Exactly!! There are plenty of women who are both fit and “thick”. I can’t articulate why i don’t like the term “thick” but I can stand it. Hell, can I be curvy?? Anyway a good example of a woman that has both curves and is fit is Jill Scott. Check out her recent album photos.

  3. Y not fit AND thick? Often in our community thick is used for women who are fat. There’s a definite difference. The woman in the picture is thick, not fat, imo. However, often women refer to themselves as thick when they are indeed fat.

  4. I’ma go with thick. fit doesn’t keep you from having high blood pressure or cholesterol problems in your later years.

  5. I’d probably want to be skinny fit until I get older and then transition into being a thick auntie 😉

  6. The best would be a happy medium. I def don’t want to be a woman with a bod full of defined muscles but I don’t want to be fat either. I woul use michelle obama as an example of being fit (with some definition) but still having womanly curves.

  7. I always thought “thick” meant “shapely”. Those “thick” women in the photos above look “fat” to me but that just my take. And “fit’ usually rferences the accepted weight for your actual body frame…the “fit’ woman in the pics looks more like an Olymic track team member than just someone who is “fit”.Given a choice between the two examples you show, one would have to pick “fit” to keep any ounce of dignity. I think you could have found much better pics to showcase the differences.

  8. I’d choose thick 🙂 Just out of curiosity though – I wonder about the geographic location (or where the respondents were raised), North or South. It seems that Southern usually chooses thick 🙂

  9. Fromthick2fit

    I was wondering if in the first set, is it the same
    Woman who went to fit?

  10. I’m wondering why can’t we be both? I’m a thick girl who’s exercising and eating healthy, but I will still remain thick. I feel like it’s stuck in people’s heads that you can’t be both, but you can! My mother was a heavy thick girl, she lost weight but she still has her curves. I hate when people say “don’t lose your curves”. I’m not trying to lose my curves. I’m trying to lose the risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer traits that run in my family.
    I think that’s another reason that some curvy women refuse to be healthier. We all have to get out of that mentality that losing weight will drastically change your shape from Jessica Rabbit to Olive Oyl.

    • @Mykie: are you doing weight training? Often times that is the difference between some one who is “thick” versus “fit.” I know that alot of people focus mainly on cardio for their workouts and that won’t give you the muscle definition displayed above. Weight training is where its at!

      • @Dani: I used to do weight training and still had curves and the same with my younger and older sister. But ever since I came to college, I haven’t done any. I want to start again. I need to befriend a body builder/weight trainer in the DC area. lol

  11. It’s hard to thick and fit but it’s not all that uncommon. Serena Williams is a prime example of a “hybrid” But to be on the safe side people should gravitate towards being fit and trim

  12. I’d take fit any day over thick. I think you can have both, though. I think of Serena Williams as the perfectly example of fit and thick!

  13. These pics, especially the fit option, are bad examples. It’s like you’re asking us to choose between looking feminine or masculine. Of course I would rather be the super thick option over looking like a man.

  14. This question was about body type preference….and only the lazy don’t want to be fit. Now getting fit or practicing a healthy lifestyle yet still having a genetic pre-disposition to thickness is not a problem….nor part of the question here. If you lead a healthy lifestyle….keep leading it and seek to maximize your own set of genetics to work to your advantage.

  15. i’m gonna go with my body type THICK. cause well Thick can also be fit.

  16. I’m voting for the body of goddess…Makeda V..that works for me..lol.. Peace and Love!

  17. Based on the pics provided ima go wit thick guh!!!;-)

  18. The photo’s of the Fit are too manly, so I would choose the thick as others have said thick can be fit also, as am I.

  19. I hate that people automatically associate muscle definition with being “manly.” Its completely wrong and perpetuates gender roles that constrain the female identity.

  20. Why does it matter? You are going to get the body you deserve depending on the kind of stimulus or nutrition you give it. Extreme “dunk” depends on the kind of genetics that everyone does NOT have. I prefer having a fit body, and will continue to work hard for it, and rest when i deserve it.

  21. I would NOT want my body to look like any of these pictures. I want mine to be fit with curves. I do not want a six pack. I do not need an gigantic booty, either. I just want to keep my breasts at their current size, have a toned, but nicely round booty, and a flat belly.

  22. It seems obvious to me that they are not defining “thick” as fat as some of you reference, the women in the pics are curvy the other women have some curves but they are defined by the muscles in and surronding them, the question is should the ass be able to jiggle/bounce or do you prefer buns of steel…that is the question

  23. I know a woman that is a body builder and most men are really turned off by the fact that her muscles are almost as big as theirs and the manly similarities are not usually considered sexy I believe its how extremely built you get, a suttle fit build is good just don’t go too far, but you have to you must have some curves in my opinion

  24. Dave Allen, comedian

    I have to choose? Grrrr. I find both those women very attractive. Then there’s Anowa …

  25. I’d have to say both. I’m an athlete, so a nice, fit track girl (sprinter, to be exact lol) does it for me. My ex was a 6′ 165lb hooper, so she had some thickness and stayed fit. But when she put on a lil weight after college, I kinda liked that, too.

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