Nearly a year after plus size model and actress Mia Amber Davis suddenly passed away, her widower, Michael Yard, filed a lawsuit against her doctors alleging they should have known her weight made her vulnerable to the risks associated with taking birth control pills.

TMZ reports:

In his lawsuit, Mia’s widower claims … in the months before the surgery, Mia’s OBGYN prescribed her birth control pills such as Balziva and Zenchent … “drugs that greatly increase one’s risk for a pulmonary embolism, especially when combined with [Mia’s] other risk factors.” 

Mia’s widower lists “obesity” as one of Mia’s significant risk factors. 

Mia’s widower claims his wife’s doctor SHOULD HAVE suggested condoms or other methods of birth control as an alternative … because the drugs “greatly increased her risk for a pulmonary embolism and ultimately caused her death.”

Davis died in May 10, 2011, just a day after having surgery on her knee to repair an old sports injury. Yard’s lawsuit also alleges that Davis’ primary care doctor should have known that having knee surgery would put her at greater risk because of her health issues, including hyperlipidemia, her weight, and the fact she was taking birth control.

The 36-year-old model, producer, and editor died of a blod clot in her lungs.

Although doctors caution that the risk of blood clots increases if a woman is overweight or smokes, the likelihood of death is still very minimal in most cases.

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  1. This is so sad to hear. Such a beautiful woman, just gone! I am so glad that I no longer take birth control pills, and I worry everyday because I have a daughter who does. Women have so much to worry about these days. It used to be that the only concern was gaining weight, now it’s something else. I wonder if there is something there that suggests something more sinister? Why all of a sudden, when young women should be enjoying all aspects of their lives and not having to worry about interrupting their career(s) (until they are ready), are plagued with issues of this type. Seems like you’re damned if you do, you’re damned if you don’t. There is also concern about her physician, who prescribed the medication to her. It makes you wonder about these doctors, who are most ties under contract and receive hefty bonuses to give these medications to their patients, if they have all the knowledge they should about these medications e.g., side affects, that should always be considered, especially since these medications are steroidal (I believe), and does alter their heath significantly.

  2. Vernita, It is one thing for you to be concerned about this unfortunate risk that women who take birth contol pills face, but for you to say that doctors receive kickbacks for prescribing medications is absurd. that is illegal, and it does not happen.

    • @bonedoc: I am really sorry to tell you that you are incorrect on that one. Pharmaceutical reps make it a point to incentivize the peddling of drugs created by the companies that they represent – as evidenced by all the pharmaceutical paraphernalia you’ll see in doctors’ offices. None of that is there by accident, and people refer to companies like Merck as “Big Pharma” for a reason.

  3. It’s not out of the realm of possibility for doctors to receive some sort of reward for prescribing some medicines over others and some treatments over others.
    I don’t think Mia Amber Davis’ unfortunate death should prompt any woman to stop taking birth control pills all of a sudden. Unfortunately, blood clots are one of the POSSIBLE side effects that can occur when a woman is taking birth control pills. Millions of women are taking birth control pills and they are just fine.
    I think this lawsuit is just frivolous.

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