Types of Yoga (click on the link to find classes taught by yogis of color)

The most popular form of yoga that seeks to find a balance between the body and the mind. Often what people are referring to when they “yoga.”

Also known as hot yoga, this is the form that many celebrities practice. This form of yoga combines 26 postures per class with two breathing exercises in a very warm (105 degree) environment.


A very intense form of yoga designed to purify the body.


This style of yoga is very precise, focusing on technique, sequence, and timing. There are over 200 postures involved, designed to take a yogini through a lifetime of practice.

Vinyasa Flow
Often practiced in United States studios, Vinyasa flow is another term for yoga that focuses on the use of breath and sun salutations. It is a very free-form style of yoga with many different ways to practice.


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