Yoga Adapts to You

As yoga has spread around the globe, it has been interpreted and remixed so that everyone can derive a little something from the ancient ways. Are you looking for a modern twist on yoga which challenges you mentally and physically? Or maybe just looking to brush shoulders with celebrities like Russell Simmons? Then Jivamukti style yoga may be for you. Bored by Enya? Try a hip-hop yoga class. Feel like yoga isn’t for plus sized women? Think again and try a class catered to your glorious curves. Addicted to multitasking? Try a combination class, like yoga and pilates or yoga and spinning. Need the total exertion and release that comes from a full body workout? Try power yoga !

With the advent of the internet, online classes and DVDs allow anyone to practice in the comfort of their homes while most gyms and dance studios also offer guided yoga classes. So what are you waiting for? Begin your practice today and start reap the numerous benefits of a regular practice.


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