America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon, has decided to take to videos to document his health and recovery. Only 31-years-old, he was diagnosed with kidney disease and lupus .

In the first installment of his “Ncredible Health Hustle,” you catch him hooked up to an IV talking to his doctor, while catching glimpses of Mariah Carey holding their twins, Roc and Roe.

He gives us a dose of what we can expect in a message posted on his website:

“Kidney disease and lupus are serious ailments but, as you’ll see through these videos in the coming weeks, it is possible to put the reins on it a bit and gain control of your health and wellness. I thank all of you for the continuous messages, and want you to know it inspires me to keep pushing.”

Cannon was hospitalized and released in January after being diagnosed with mild kidney disease. Unfortunately, a month later doctors found blood clots in his lungs, which he described as one of the scariest things to happen to him.

He told People magazine, “I’m blessed to be alive. I’m just trying to make sure I put my health first.”

Check “Ncredible Health Hustle” Episode 1 below.

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  1. susan saunders

    thanks for sharing your story highlighting the fact that stars/celebrities are not above illness. in fact, they may be in a high-risk category because of the stress that comes along with fame. plus, a hectic schedule makes it difficult to maintain check ups and doctors visit. thanks for making your health a priority. this is when you have to put your career on hold and take some much needed me time. it’s great to see you taking care of yourself. we need you to take care of yourself so that you can keep us laughing with your much needed comedy. and, those twins need you.

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