I have always been more of a tattoo girl than a lover of piercings. No matter where I went, how much money I spent or how well I took care of it; it always got infected. I have friends who have piercings in very visible and non-visible places. The one area that I say is off limits for any kind of body art is the “va jay jay,” as Oprah calls it. On the contrary, this is increasing becoming a popular body part for women to adorn with piercings. Exactly how safe is it to get a piecing down under? Here are some of the pros and cons, according to medicinenet.com.

The pros:

  • Enhanced sexual stimulation for the person with the piercing and their partner.
  • Increased blood flow in that area helps the piercing to heal in four to six weeks. It takes 12 months or more for the regular naval piercing to heal.
  • Like any other piercing, it is an adornment that some people love to admire.
  • Getting the actual piercing is not as painful as many would think.

The cons:

  • Increased likelihood of infection due to the sensitive area.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases can be passed along easier when the piercing is in the healing stages.
  • If the piercing hits a particular nerve down there, you can actually lose all feeling in that area.

For those of you wondering what to do when you have your menstrual cycle, a friend who has her clit pierced told me that you simply have to use tampons and panty liners instead of a pad in order to avoid infection.

Would you ever consider piercing your hello kitty?

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