If you’ve ever experienced a night of pure bliss, complete with alcohol, strippers, and tigers similar to the movie, “The Hangover,” you may have yearned for some type of quick fix to get back to your senses the next day.

Well now you may have it.

Hangover Heaven is the fantastic creation designed by Dr. Jason Burke, a certified anesthesiologist from Duke University. It’s primary purpose? To rid you of the crazy hangover symptoms that you feel the morning after.
Where can you find this glorious invention, you ask?

Patrolling the streets of a city comprised of glorified gluttony — Las Vegas — in a mobile bus.

Burke offers you a comfortable seat in Hangover Heaven. While there, he plugs you into an IV that cleanses your body of any fluids from the night before. The IV contains electrolytes to cure dehydration, the anti-nausea drug Ondansetron, and the anti-inflammatory drug Ketorolac.

If you’re worried about whether or not Burke is qualified to do this, he assures that he is. After all, he first tried the treatment on himself, before attempting it on others.

“One day I had a bad hangover.” Burke explains. “I put in an IV with these medications and I was absolutely amazed at how well it worked. In the recovery room, I treat people who have nausea, aches and pains, disoriented feelings. I treat that all the time with intravenous anti-nausea medications, anti-inflammatories and IV fluids. And I thought: this would treat a hangover,” said Burke.

The treatment, which costs anywhere between 90 and 200 dollars, will have you sitting pretty for 45 minutes, while it flushes out most of the toxins in your system.

But many aren’t really a fan of his idea. Including Michael Roy, executive director of Clearview Treatment Programs in Los Angeles, who believes people should are supposed to have hangovers,

“It’s helpful for people to experience the negative effects of their drinking so they do not repeat excessive drinking episodes,” Roy said.

But it seems Burke has thought of that. He vows to not treat anyone who is “visibly intoxicated” or anyone who says that they have “complex medical problems.”

Sounds like it could will be a fun night for the Vegas locals, and an even better one the next day.

What do you think of a hangover doctor’s quick treatment? Love it of leave it?

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