After a few years in the gym you’ve worked out a nice routine that consistently gives you the results you want, but you notice that your family member’s routine isn’t doing much. Would you offer them advice on how to get like you?

Recently rapper Warren G took some workout advice from his big brother, super producer and rapper Dr. Dre. Warren, who initially dropped the pounds during a stint on Celebrity Fit Club, was sliding back into his old ways, but after a serious talk with his brother (mixed with a bit of body envy), he decided it was time get his act together. He says Dr Dre prescribed a killer workout regimen that includes running and boxing nearly every day in addition to eating a healthier diet.

In Warren G and Dr. Dre’s case the advice was taken well, but when it comes to fitness people can get very sensitive and dishing out advice, especially if unsolicited, can raise all kinds of hell. Well meaning advice can end up being viewed as you becoming the workout police or as you looking your nose down at family that hasn’t achieved your level of fitness success.

If you’re going to give workout advice to family try to do it if and when they ask, if you’re concerned for their health and need to speak up, take care to make sure your advice doesn’t come off harsh or snotty. You should definitely support one another and hold each other accountable for reaching fitness goals, but you don’t want to damage your relationship in the process.

Do you give workout advice to family?

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  1. LOL! I remember him on the Celeb fitness show when he couldn’t give up his fried chicken and Hennessy

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