When singer Tweet came out with her song, “Oops (Oh My)” in 2002, she received a lot of flack for it, but she actually may have been on to something. This article isn’t about pleasing yourself sexually, but about not being afraid to touch and examine your body in order to know if something is wrong.

I have been giving myself self breast exams since I was 14. I have an aunt who is a breast cancer survivor and I always wanted to make sure I was aware of any bump I felt on, around or under my breasts. I was told by my doctor to even check the area close to my under arm for bumps. I never viewed this as weird, but as smart prevention that could save my life.
Our breasts are not the only parts of our bodies that we need to get familiar with.

You may think that this sacred area should only be touched when cleaning or if being touched by someone else, but you HAVE to know your vagina. You should be aware of any changes in appearance, discharge or overall feeling. I am not saying that your hands should always be down there investigating, but twice or maybe three times a month take a mirror and look at her.

You can even give her a name if that makes you feel more comfortable. Our bodies always tell us when something isn’t right, but it we are not aware then we will never know. We shouldn’t have to wait for our doctors to exam us to detect when something isn’t quite right.

It always boggles my mind when I hear some women on talk shows admitting that they don’t really know what their vaginas look like. You should know what every nook and cranny looks like. There is nothing wrong with standing in front of your full length mirror and checking yourself out. It is not always a vanity thing, but a way for you to feel secure with your overall health.

Rashes, discolorations, swelling of the skin and other warnings our bodies give us are all things that we should see first before we head to the doctor. As with all infections or colds, the earlier you catch them the more likely it is that you can beat them.

Touching yourself is not a bad thing and is not just for sexual purposes. Get to know your body so that you don’t get any unwanted surprises.

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