In this country a staggering number of women suffer from a disease dubbed Body Dysmorphic Disorder (B.D.D), a mental disorder causing women to have a heightened awareness of her perceived body image.

In most cases, women who suffer from this disorder look in the mirror and have an abnormal image of their body. For example, a girl who may be extremely skinny will think she weighs more than she does, or a woman might see her upper torso as abnormally wide when in fact they aren’t.

According to the NYTimes, researcher Dr. Jamie D. Feusner who works at the David Geffen School of Medicine, has deemed that people who suffer from B.D.D have brain activity that appears drastically different from the average person,

“The differences showed up in areas involved in visual processing. The more severe the symptoms, the more the person’s brain activity on imaging scans differed, on average, from normal levels, the researchers reported in the February issue of The Archives of General Psychiatry.”

Unfortunately, symptoms like these lead to eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia.

In some rare cases, women also suffer from the opposite of body dysmorphic disorder.So women who are big actually think they are smaller than they are. Someone with the opposite of Body Dysmorphic Disorder could potentially be obese and avoid living a healthier lifestyle.

Do you know anyone who suffers from Body Dsymorphic Disorder?

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  1. I have reverse dysmorphic disorder, yes I see myself as thin in the mirror, I don’t realize my true size until I see pictures of myself, and its quite shocking…

    • @rachel stewart: I completely agree with you. I have seen a different girl in the mirror all time. I hid behind being “thick” for a long time until my husband who loves me at whatever size told me I hoped that we could lose weight together. I knew that was the best way he could approach the subject and it still took me over two years to take him up on his offer.

      • @rachel stewart what a brave reply. I wish you and your husband the best of luck on your health journey!!! Remember it’s a marathon- not a sprint. Having a partner is awesome. Congratulations!!!!

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