I admit the idea first struck me as a wild notion. I mean, the mere idea of mixing God with squats just didn’t seem right.

But over the country more and more groups are finding reasons to get into the spirit of it. Church groups are working together to use ministry and the power of faith as a way to administer help to people who want to lose weight.

Church fitness classes are propelling many people to find the strength to get back into physical shape. Many also find it appealing because it increases the amount of interaction that members have with each other.

It also serves as another vehicle for Church outreach in the community, often getting people involved in the Church when they would have otherwise decided not to. Not to mention that if you’re already an avid Church-goer, keeping in physical shape already has a direct link to the Bible -– the body is a temple after all.

Would you attend a Church fitness class?

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  1. Cecil Robinson

    What kind of ridiculousness is this? Church are a rest-haven for plump people. Where else can a big woman go and hide behind a choir robe and feel confident that people are only paying attention to her voice? This is an abomination! I support the right for big people to congregate in churches without having to hear the preacher tell them to put Sister Jenkins hood-famous fried chicken down. Jesus is not sponsoring this

  2. I used to workout in my old church’s gym. This is definitely nothing new because that was over 12years ago, and it’s still going strong. At my new church they sponsor zumba classes.

  3. I would and do.My church has linedancing,zumba,kickboxing and a bootcamp class

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