What do Venus and Serena Williams, Bill Clinton, Mike Tyson, and Carrie Underwood all have in common? They are all public figures that have adopted a plant based diet for one reason or another. Each day you see more and more people finding their way to vegan living — whether it’s due to the increasing number of studies coming out touting the benefits of veganism or through the viewing of the ultra-popular documentary, Forks Over Knives and other films providing proof of its benefits.

It seems that whenever a new celebrity announces to the world that their eating habits are changing, many people make it a point to discuss and use them as hopeful bait for others to get on the bandwagon.

We live in a celebrity obsessed culture, so it’s very easy to get caught up and make a decision based on the actions of those you may admire. However, I believe our health is personal and we need to be making educated choices based on accurate statistics, along with our own research and common sense about what is best for our bodies, not if Beyonce chose to have a partial vegan pregnancy.

While I think it’s wonderful that many people (famous or not) are now starting to take their health more seriously, do you think we need to move beyond relying on celebrity endorsements to implement positive and healthy changes in our daily lives?

I just happen to find it interesting each time I read a new headline about veganism with a celebrity in the title because most often it comes with an undertone of “they did it, so it’s cool for you to do it too”! While I understand the real intent behind the message, I think it may be lost on some and the real value of veganism can be undermined in the shadows of celebrity. I believe there is more than enough evidence and information available for anyone considering plant-based living as an optimum health choice.

So, I ask you, does it really matter who the latest celebrity is to choose salad over steak? Does seeing a public figure or celebrity raise the mantle of vegan living make you second guess your chicken dinner? Have you grown tired of hearing about the latest celebrity to hop aboard the vegan gravy train?

Does pop culture greatly influence how you look at this and other topics? Speak your piece and let me know!

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  1. No. I became a vegan for socio-political and spiritual reasons. I was raised around Rastafarians, Kemetics, Hebrew Israelites and the like. Consequently, their notion of the the intersection of health, consumption, justice, and spirituality struck a cord with me. I see my veganism as a part of my efforts to decolonize my mind, body, and spirit. I like my physical, mental, and spiritual fitness. Kudos to the celebrities that do it but they weren’t a factor for me.

  2. Most vegans in my limited scope because I’m not around them as much are following someone or another. Most vans aren’t raised vegan so they have to come into it from some propaganda.

  3. I decided to become a Vegan for spiritual and health reasons. I’m with Habibi with this one. It’s cool to find out that celebrities are becoming vegan BUT that doesn’t sway me. I feel like some celebs are doing it short term just to get attention or get slimmer for a certain situation. I’m going for the longterm. Because me being a vegan is much deeper than that.

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