No doubt about it, Kelly Rowland is a star. From her days with Destiny’s Child to her current off the charts solo career, Kelly is definitely one to watch. But the “Motivation” songstress isn’t just turning heads with her vocals these days, Kelly’s body is looking better than ever and the star has become somewhat of a fitness idol for her many fans. Next to singing, working out and staying healthy is one of Kelly’s passions, she even has a hit workout DVD with celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins called The Hollywood Trainer – Sexy Abs with Kelly Rowland to prove it! If you’re trying to get your body rocking like Kelly’s, check out these three exercises she absolutely loves and you’ll be a workout diva like her in no time!


This cardio heavy workout is one Kelly’s faves. Not only does it keep your blood bumping, but a good boxing workout will work every part of your body and help you to tone and shape in the process. Have you seen how good Kelly is looking lately? Boxing definitely does a body good!


This ain’t your childhood bike ride through the neighborhood. Spinning is an intense cardio workout that will push your mental and physical focus to its limits. Spinning helps to melt away all that unnecessary body fat keeping you from rocking sexy barely there dresses like Kelly has been wearing on red carpets lately. And not only can you burn hundreds of calories in just one session, but your legs will be toned as well, which is a definitely plus in those mini skirts the summer weather is calling for.


Kelly isn’t just about working out her body, but her mind and spirit as well, that’s why the singer incorporates yoga into her workout routine. Yoga not only lengthens and strengthens the body, but it helps you to find balance and inner calm as well, something celebs like Kelly and everyday people like the rest of us can certainly use to combat out busy schedules.

Do you look to Kelly Rowland for fitness inspiration? What workouts do you love?

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  1. I don’t want to be like anyone who has a full weave while working, sorry 😐

  2. Loving yoga right now !

  3. I love Kelly’s body. I’m not expecting to look like her but when I see her it reminds me to continue to work out. I love boxing and yoga they are great for your body and good stress relievers. I might try spinning one day. The weave comment was so unnecessary. Actually if you like to work out a lot and do not have hair that you can just wash n go, a weave will give you the option of working out without feeling as if you have to sacrifice your style to do it. Hey everyone does not look good with or want to rock a natural.

  4. I think Kelly looks great. Not my body type at all, so I don’t but her on my fitness inspiration list. 🙂

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