It looks like the some in the media are now beating the eating disorder drum after pictures surfaced of Lindsey Lohan sister Ali, who looks like she is under the century mark in pounds.

Apparently this news because some of Lohan’s “friends” told media outlet Fox411 that they are worried about the newly signed Next Model — apparently, they couldn’t tell her for some reason.

“She just keeps getting smaller and smaller,” one pal told Fox411. “At what point will her parents tell her that enough is enough?”

According to Fox411, in recent pictures the 18-year-old’s breastbones are prominently sticking out of her chest, and her shoulder blades are protruding from her back. Her cheeks are sunken and there are dark circles underneath her eyes.

“I would estimate her weigh to be under 100 pounds, which for any women of her height of 5’8 ½” is clearly underweight,” nutritionist and eating strategist Rania Batayneh, MPH, told Fox411.

“Despite her claims that she has a fast metabolism, we know that she has lost weight and it is frightening. To accomplish this type of weight loss resulting in her current physique, which appears void of muscle tone, could come from serious calorie restriction or from an eating disorder.”

Never missing a chance to give a quote to the media about his famous daughters, Ali’s dad, Michael Lohan, tells that at first he was very concerned about his daughter’s drastic weight loss, but that he thinks that it is under control.

“She isn’t doing it because it is a psychological issue. She is doing it because she wants to be a model,” Lohan said. “If I thought it was an issue, I would definitely say something. Ali and Lindsay live together, and I think Lindsay would say something to her if she thought something was wrong.”

Right, Mr. Lohan, right. The question arises: do we need to scrutinize the weight of celebrities, whether they seem overweight or underweight? My knee-jerk reaction is always to feel bad for a celebrity who I am told is going through a weight issue, but then I consider the source and keep it in perspective. Who really knows what is going on with this particular celebrity?

The closest we’ll ever get to dealing with another person’s weight issues is when our own issue is a problem. That’s the hardest issue to deal with because our minds are conditioned to trick us in either a sooting, complicit way or self-hating or shaming way. It seems that if we have a problem with Ali Lohan’s weight, more than likely, we are fighting with some demon within ourselves.

How do you feel, do we place too much scrutiny on celebrities weight?

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  1. the photo of pale white sagging skin belongs to a young woman who needs therapy ASAP!!! But if I were in Hollywood I would fall under the same pressure. How you look pays your check. The motto is get thin or die trying. Not hard to understand in this environment.

  2. You would think the media would have learned its lesson after putting her sister Lindsay through the same thing (ridiculing her for being too fat when she was normal-sized and then, when she lost the weight, complaining that she was too skinny), which may in part have contributed to her drug problem.

  3. Lives with Lindsay! Dear god, she’s on drugs too then. Just inconceivable they (her parents) think Lindsay is a good role model. Wasn’t she anorexic too???

  4. This is a very level-headed young woman that doesn’t read the crap said about her. Her weight and appearance are fine and no one thinks she’s on drugs. I don’t know how people get into their heads because one sibling is a certain way the other has to be where there are so many examples of siblings that are different. Ali is a banana to LIndsay’s apple, two vastly different girls. Ali is just fine and did an excellent job modeling in Korea.

  5. How judgemental of you? I think she looks beautiful. and the ignorant comment by “bronze” suggesting that she needs therapy because she looks pale and unhealthy! good for her loving her pearly white skin and not doing the tacky trashy hollywood self tanning. how can your natural color be unhealthy and putting chemicals on your skin the opposite? i think she looks beautiful, and her weight loss is very nice she looks like danish model freja beha only prettier. i don’t see her bones sticking out and her skin is firm and tight i see no sagging skin. she looked like a plain jane girl next door before with a regular body and a fake tan, now she looks like a european high fashion model and her fashion choices: the haircut, the dress all prove she developed great taste and that she’s reinventing herself. good for her. I think u should start seeing a therapist.

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