With the colossal list of things to do that we often have laid out in front of us, working out should be one that comes somewhere close to the top.

But often,the same attitudes we encourage for ourselves and our friends, is not the same mindset we bring to the table when dealing with our parents.

I’ve been fortunate to have a mother who has instilled the idea of living an active and nutritious lifestyle in me since birth. She’s regularly walking, cooking healthy meals, and engaging in activities that keep her body moving.

My father on the other hand, well let’s just say I help him about a bit in that department!

But while you’re attempting your next workout today, ask yourself, when is the last time I encouraged my parents to work out? And what activities can I do with them that will keep their body moving?

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  1. No because both of my parents, both of whom are in different relationships, are stubborn as hell. I can only wish now that they might start walking around their neighborhoods

  2. No. That would be an unnecessary argument I don’t want to have.

  3. Each person must decide for themselves that they want to be healthy. I just hope my example will make an impact and influence them.

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