You’ve done it! You’ve worked hard and made sacrifices and you’ve received the ultimate reward … you’ve dropped those pesky unwanted pounds! Reaching your weight loss goal is definitely a reason to celebrate, but for some it can also bring on a new set of worries and fears. Some people worry about the extra skin that may be left over from weight loss, still seeing themselves as heavy, not liking their new shape, and the list goes on and on. But there’s no need to stress about these feelings, they’re natural and once you get used to the healthier you they will all but disappear. Instead of worrying, take time to fall in love with your post weight loss body … and here are three ways to do just that.

Keep A Journal Of Love

It can be hard to accept that you physically aren’t the same person you used to be. Instead of dwelling on all the things that scare you about your new body, get a journal and take a moment each day to write down at least one thing you love about your new body. Whether it’s your new level of energy or that you can finally fit that dress you’ve been eyeing for months, taking the time to show yourself some love can help you see yourself in a whole new light.

Shop Til You Drop!

Maybe back when you couldn’t fit all the trendy clothes and designers you liked shopping seemed like the worst thing on earth, but now with a new you in the mix try hitting the stores to shop for all the clothes you could never wear before. Even if you can’t really splurge on a new wardrobe just yet, playing dress up can boost your confidence and help you to fully embrace the new you!

Talk To The Old You

Sometimes it’s hard to embrace the new because you haven’t let go of the old. Grab a picture of the old you and talk to it. Sounds crazy, but tell the picture how you used to feel in that body. How you loved you, but maybe not your size. Tell the old you how happy you are for this new journey and that even though you’re not bringing your old pants size along for the ride, you’re still bringing the old you along because even though the outside changed, the inside is still the same … and that part of the new and the old you will always be beautiful.

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  1. Good article, because you need to remember where you have been and how you got there in order not to deviate onto that path again. Being aware is always the best way to control ones own behavior.

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