Everyday we’re bombarded with images of celebrities with great bodies we aspire to have. But inspiration to get fit and sexy doesn’t just come from celebrities. Don’t believe us? Check out personal trainer Nic B from Los Angeles who is an avid promoter of living a healthy lifestyle and shares great workout tips on her blog Get Fit With Nic. We’ve been in love with Nic for a while now and her blog has taught us a lot! Check out three things we learned while getting fit with Nic … maybe you’ll learn something too!

You Don’t Need A Gym To Workout

Sure all that fancy equipment in the gym can give you a run for your money, but Nic gives you simple workout routines that will not only get your body right, but that you can do at home. From jump squats and basic crunches to glute kickbacks and reverse bridge dips, Nic gives you all the exercises (and reps) you need to workout at home. And judging by her body, we’ll guess home workouts ain’t so bad.

Drink Water and Do Cardio Daily

Sure Nic wants to help you get bikini ready, but she wants you to do it the right way. She makes sure to constantly remind us the importance of hydrating our bodies and getting cardio in everyday to keep the pounds falling off. She also reminds us to eat before and after every workout to keep our metabolism up, and that’s a good thing because these workouts will definitely leave you hungry.

Love Yourself Enough To Workout … And Look Fly Doing It.

One important thing about getting fit is remembering why you want to do it in the first place. Nic mentions things like looking good, but she stresses the importance of feeling good and loving yourself enough to get healthy. She also shows us that working out can go past the boring t-shirt and sweats wardrobe. Nic always looks hot when she works out and wears outfits that show off all that hard work! Wanna look fly and love yourself in the process … just Get Fit With Nic!

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  1. She is everything anyone could want and she seems smart and passionate about her craft. I’d love to see her featured workouts more often.

  2. I learning whatever she is teaching! Body is banging

  3. he body is amazing!! I am soo thankful for this post!! 2013 i have to look like this or at least a close replica of it!

  4. very inspiring!

  5. Nicola is great! I’ve seen her on tumblr and she mentions something about showing some exercises on her Youtube Channel but I can’t seem to find her. Does she have one and if so, what’s it called?

  6. love the way your body looks, that inspires me 2 workout even more,hope 2 meet u one day so we can workout 2gether. how many days of the week do u workout, n did u play any sports n school, how did u become a personal trainer because that’s what i want 2 do.

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