There’s no way around it, if you want to be healthier you’ve got to eat healthier.  From fruits and veggies to granola cereals and organic meats, there are tons of healthy options to eat…if you want to eat them that is.  As healthy as some foods might be you still couldn’t get me to touch them with a 10 foot pole.  I don’t care about the weight loss or cancer fighting properties, there are just certain healthy foods that are not for me.  For example I can not, will not, never ever ever in my long legged life eat tofu.  I’ve had people try to jazz it up, sneak it in a dish…nothing works.  My tongue senses its presence and all bets are immediately off, I just don’t like the taste.  Cauliflower is another food on my no-no list and I definitely gag every time I see someone blend a celery, carrots, spinach, beets and apple mix.

I know these foods are beyond good for me and definitely better than other things I eat daily, but despite the benefits I just can’t wrap my mind around eating them.  Does that mean I’m not serious about my health?  No.  But eating healthy shouldn’t make me gag, so I’ll drink a protein shake or a strawberry banana smoothie, but that huge cup of wheatgrass…nah, I’ll pass.

What healthy foods won’t you eat?

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  1. Hilarious! I agree. I eat healthy BUT I refuse to choke something down in the name of “health.” I CAN NOT STAND tofu (close my mouth like a 5 year old), lol. I’m not a huge fan of eggplant (unless I can not taste it in the dish) and the texture of cooked zucchini makes me want to gag. I’m pretty open to new foods but if I don’t like it then it gets crossed off the list for ETERNITY : )

  2. i can’t really think of any fruits and vegetables that are on an absolutely not list for reasons of taste.

    also, i don’t care what anyone says, protein shakes made with random powder are not “healthy”.

  3. 1) Tofu 2) Blueberries 3) Fennel

  4. avocado…it makes me gag. and as a vegetarian i’m alone cause it seems like everybody loves it.

    • @Toi J: Yes I agree. Avocado and its mashed up by-product guacamole can miss me every time. I read this raw food book and every recipe called for avocado when one recipe needed some fat. I couldn’t do it

  5. I think tofu is not really a health food cause it really isnt made for human consumption. As for many of the soy products sold in the U.S., it is a far cry from what the Japanese are eating. With that said….I avoid soy products and anything with over 3 ingreadiants with the word HEALTHY splashed across some old plastic packaging.

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