There are a lot of flaws that can be overlooked on a man. Maybe one arm just happens to be a bit abnormally longer than the other, perhaps his feet are a bit too small for the rest of his body, or perhaps he’s a “hippy man,” a man with a bit too much hips?

But what flaws can you really let slide?

Let’s set the scenario. After numerous dates with a certain gentleman, you’ve determined that you guys really connect. It’s time to take it to another level. You’ve just had the best dinner ever, and now it’s time for desert. You’ve invited him up to your place, the candles are dim and the wine is flowing, it seems like the night is going to be great. But just as you’re becoming intimate, you realize something is off. There’s something on his chest. What is it? You lean in a little closer to take a peek. He takes his shirt off. You look a little closer.

He has boobs. Man boobs. Yikes!

You realize that other than this flaw he is perfect otherwise, and you mentioning this abnomality to him has the potential to cause him to become tremendously insecure.

You really like him, but is it a deal breaker?

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about what a “hippy man” may look like, check out this throwback Girlfriends episode!

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  1. Sadly man boobs are a reality in dating life nowadays. But it’s not a game changer though. As long as they’re aren’t Rick Ross type boobs.

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