Getting to an actual gym sometimes can feel like the biggest and worst chore. Especially on days where it’s so cold you can’t feel your toes or so hot you literally feel like your skin is melting. Of course we all know the weather shouldn’t dictate your dedication to a fitness routine, but let’s face it…some days you don’t want to go to the gym.

Being able to work out from the comfort of your home is a great thing, but most people don’t have enough space for treadmills and ellipticals, so how exactly do you create a home gym?

I’ve started looking into getting equipment so that I can start working out in my apartment on my lazy days and so far all I can think of to create my at home gym are two 5lb weights, a mat and stability ball that I may or may not have been too lazy to actually inflate. Other than that, I have no idea what else I might need to have an effective workout at home.

I don’t want my lack of proper equipment to deter me getting my fitness on at home, so I’m asking my fellow fit for life friends…

What do you have in your home gym? How do you create an effective at home work out routine?

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  1. kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, two yoga mats, step bench with risers and a slanted riser when I want to work my chest.

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