The jury is still out as to whether weight-loss surgery is really the best route to head down when trying to effectively shed some pounds. Although it seems that proper dieting and exercise are the right catalyst for change, that doesn’t eliminate the fact that weight-loss is still an immense struggle for those battling obesity.

Meet Carnie Wilson, 43-year-old singer, who in January of this year underwent her second weightloss surgery in the course of twelve years. Her first surgery, a gastric bypass, allowed her to drop a whopping 150 lbs in 1999.

This time around she decided to have lap-band surgery — a procedure in which a silicone band is placed around the stomach helping the stomach shrink to the size of a golf ball — another aid in shedding some more weight.

And it’s worked. The singer has since dropped 30 more pounds.

“For me it was about getting help.” Wilson told E! Online, “I am 44 and my body has changed as I get older. I was scared. My triglycerides were high, my blood pressure was high for me … I needed an intervention. So, I looked at all my options. I did my research. I am always cautious. I found a wonderful surgeon. I realized that the safest and best option for me was to get the band over my gastric.”

Everyone yearns for a healthier lifestyle, but two surgeries in a little over a decade, seems a bit extreme.

What do you think? How many surgeries is too many?

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  1. One is too many in my opinion. She should of had an intervention and started to workout.

  2. Good o’l fashion exercise accompanied with a healthy diet is the only way to loose weight and keep it off.

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