We’ve all been there. Staring into the mirror analyzing and criticizing what we consider to be our biggest flaws. Maybe you could stand to drop a few pounds, or tone up those arms, or tighten up those legs. Regardless of what is is, you’ve decided to put yourself on a diet, because, well, it’s about that time. Well here are three diet no-no’s that often keep us from achieving our best results.

1. Stop snacking on those unhealthy snacks.

Put the chocolate down. Step away from the McDonalds value meal. It’s a trap. The average person should be eating five to six small meals to keep your metabolism moving. Often, when we start dieting we crave what we know we aren’t supposed to have, then we end up splurging on a box of candy or something rediculous that totall messes up our regimen. From now on, pick up a fruit. Drink a protein shake. You will stay on track and still fill your belly up with something that is healthy.

2. Read Labels.

Ok, count them, but … don’t count them. The average person should be eating around 1500 calories per day, so it’s important that you read labels and see what you’re eating, but at the same time make sure you pay attention to the nutrional value of whatever it is that you’re eating. For example, even if something has a low fat calorie count, it’s quite possible it could contain high amounts of sodium or cholesterol. Both which are detrimental to any type of weightloss.

3. Don’t Eat Late at Night.

One of the number one issues that may be preventing you from losing weight or toning up, is the fact that you decide to have a meal at 11pm at night. Your body needs time to digest everything that you’ve eaten that day. Don’t stunt its progress by eating a huge meal before you go to bed. If you must eat something, try to snack on something small.

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  1. Required calories a day varies greatly based on you age, sex, height, and activity level – for either maintaining weight or losing weight.

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