Last week we told you about plans to open up hotels designed for healthy travelers, this week the latest trend is getaways that cater to a sleep-deprived clientele. With people spending more and more time at work these days, it only makes sense that when they have time off they catch up on some much needed rest. Well a few hotels have taken notice and designed the most indulgent sleep getaways to help guests get the shut-eye they deserve.

In London, the Milestone Hotel offers what it calls a “Sleep Experience Package,” which is designed specifically for guests who have insomnia. This getaway includes private consultation with a sleep expert, massage, aromatherapy tools and overnight sleep monitoring. In addition to a traditional room service menu, the hotel offers its sleep-deprived customers a “pillow menu.”

Take a quick hop across the pond from London to Paris where the Hotel Gabriel Paris Marais has rooms equipped with a sound and light system designed to help guests fall asleep and stay asleep. Paris is also home to Zen Bar a Sieste.

Calling itself “Europe’s first nap bar,” the bar offers its patrons the chance to purchase snooze time on zero-gravity chairs or massage beds.

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in Switzerland offers a getaway that it calls “sleep diagnostics in a five-star atmosphere.” During a stay, guests receive a physical exam and medical consultation, including weight and BMI analysis. Overnight, guests have their sleep monitored by EEG and their night’s shut-eye recorded on video for analysis of sleep habits and patterns.

Of course these getaways come at a hefty price so until you can afford to sleep in luxury try creating a relaxing space in your bedroom and unplug from your electronic leashes at least an hour before you fall asleep. Sleep doesn’t have to be a luxury.

Getting enough sleep on a regular basis is a key part of living a healthy life, so whether you’re hitting up a five-star sleep hotel or giving yourself a sleep weekend at home, keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to bring more sleep into your daily life.

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  1. I would definitely take a sleepcation!

    Sleepcations are great for tired moms.

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