Former plus size model and anorexia survivor Crystal Renn’s dramatic weight loss has sparked outrage in the plus size community who have supported her and helped launch her career, is exclusively reporting.

“Everyone rallied around her and now she’s turned against us,” PLUS Model Magazine Editor-in-Chief Madeline Jones told in an exclusive interview. “We have been betrayed by her.”

The 5’9” beauty was a shadow of her former self when she walked the red carpet in a skintight scarlet Zac Posen gown at the New York premiere of Madonna’s W.E. on Monday night, prompting fears she has fallen back into bad habits.

“After Emme, Crystal was the biggest plus size supermodel in our era and a lot of readers aspired to be like her,” explained Jones, adding that now they feel betrayed by the fashion icon they helped make a star.

“We supported her one hundred percent.”

The 25-year-old model has been open about her struggles with eating disorders in the past, penning a tell-all book called Hungry: A Young Model’s Story of Appetite, Ambition and the Ultimate Embrace of Curves.

She went on to enjoy several years as a plus-sized model before revealing in November 2010 that she had dropped several dress sizes due to taking up hiking and yoga.

Jones for one doesn’t believe her explanation. “You don’t lose that much weight doing yoga and hiking! You have to put a  lot of effort  to go from a 14 to a size 6,” she told “We’re not that stupid, we know how hard it is to lose weight and she insulted our intelligence.
“The thinner she got the more she was being pitched to mainstream brands. Suddenly the same woman who wrote Hungry was slimming and slimming.

“Once she got down to a size 10 she lost the support of a lot of people. We’re disappointed because she was our star fighting for equality and fashion for us, and now she’s going to their side.

“It is sad that she’s turned her back on us,” lamented Jones.

Renn recently blasted back to critics on her Ford Models blog:

“When this whole weight loss thing happened, I think that a lot of people wanted to point their finger at somebody. I think that they wanted to find a conspiracy where there absolutely was none,” she wrote.

While Jones understands that it is Renn’s freedom of choice to lose weight, she says she should have been honest about her motivations.

“She should have said she wasn’t comfortable in her skin anymore and wanted to make more money. Instead she has deceived us and we feel insulted!

“It would be great for her to come out with a better explanation, though I doubt we will get one.”

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  1. If she wants to be slim that her business. I just hope she did so in a healthy fashion. She doesn’t owe other plus size women anything.

  2. I think that her having her start and “big break” as a plus size model as well as dealing with her own weight struggles is enough for her to never forget her roots. As a plus size woman myself I think that its okay for her to lose weight as long as she is doing it in a healthy way. I know she became something of a poster child for beautiful plus size women and the changing face of the idea of plus sized sexiness, but maybe she never wanted to be that. She just happened to be the right person at the right time. It might be different if she came out absolutely denouncing and/or ridiculing the plus size industry, but it doesn’t seem that she has. Embracing your curves doesn’t mean you don’t want to lose weight and/or be more healthy of fit. Its about self love and knowing beauty comes in all sizes.
    I say “yay” for her and support her.

  3. I like her but she absolutely has a eating disorder. Yo on the real, anyone who loses weight that FAST and doesn’t look like she’s on her way to olympics, the girl is starving herself. Why don’t people wake up about these celebs. I still really like her look but I know she’s got an eating disorder.

  4. Folks get too personally wrapped up in these celebrities lives. Is someone really going to look back over their life on their deathbed and care about whether this woman slimmed down? Living vicariously through others is a cop out on your own life.

    • @Wuluwulu: Second that! but celebs are like a public family that who hear things about and gossip about and when you see them you rarely bring up the negative things you heard about them.

  5. This is ridiculous. So they’re mad because she lost weight and “abandoned” them?? Honestly I don’t think anyone aspires to be overweight and why does she has to be forthcoming about her motivations? She doesn’t owe anyone anything. It’s hard to loose that much weight and I commend her for it.

  6. Eating disorder for sure

  7. It’s sad that Madeline is looking at it that way. Especially since Crystal suffered from anorexia in the past. How doesn’t she know that she’s back down that track and the plus size industry shouldn’t be about controlling weight any more than the non-plus size industry. How can you say we’re fighting to get equality but bash someone for losing weight? Ridiculous.

  8. Anyone who judges a model (or anyone else) for losing weight is jealous, ignorant and a little messed up in the head. Madeline Jones is an obese woman who has no right to judge anyone let alone Crystal Renn. Jones edits (and poorly, I might ad) a plus-size “fashion” online zine that 1) tells anyone who is fat that they can model and 2) has a vested interested in maintaining the fat status quo. Fat girls will buy (read) this online zine, so let’s make sure they stay fat and need us to tell them how to dress! Ugh. She is hardly an arbiter of fashion or beauty, plus-size or otherwise. And anyone here to says that Renn has an eating disorder – really, do tell us where you got your degree in psychology and how long you’ve specialized in eating disorders. Really, do you think you’re qualified to make such a statement? You yourselves are just jealous, ignorant and a wee bit angry about someone else looking way better than you AND cashing in on it. Duh.

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